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Cables Britain has been established since 1990 as a specialist electrical distributor which incorporates fire systems and cable. We offer EN50200 compliant cables, truly addressable heat detectection (LISTEC) and a complete range of Aspirating system the ADW range.

LISTEC is a fully addressable heat detection cable used to provide temperature monitoring. The Grade 1 system sensors comply with EN54-5 so as to meet the requirements of a BS5839 fire alarm system design or can be used to monitor changes in temperature. The sensor spacing can be selected to meet the client's needs and is supplied at standard spaCINGS OF 1M, 2M, 3M , 4M OR 5M. Each sensor point is clearly identified on the cable. LISTEC operates a user-friendly open protocol system that can be easily integrated with the main fire alarm system controller. A remote display unit can be added to the system which will report system messages including the alarm sensor address.

The LISTEC controller measures both the fixed and rate of change temperature of the individual sensor piint every 10-seconds. These temperature settings can be set for each of the sensor points so as to individualise "pre-alarm" and "alarm" conditions. The operating temperatures ranges from -40C to +85C. Alarm conditions can be to operate relay outputs to third party systems.

LISTEC is ideal for hostile environments as it is not sensitive to humidity, dust, vibration, frost and salt and has a high immunity to electromagnetic interference. The system is easy to install and is maintenance fee. External temperature sensors can be installed as direct temperature monitoring or alternatively as a probe for temperature critical equipment.

Cable Britain Limited is able to advicse and assist in the design of LISTEC systems whether they are for fire alarm and detection or for temperature monitoring only. We are able to offer a supply and commission service followed by full staff training. We have a wealth of experience within niche markets such as the protection of tunnels, power plants, underground parking areas, underground escalators and all other areas of harsh environments where other types of detection fail to offer a siolution.

Please contact our sales department on  0121 508 6890 or visit us a if you require further information.