Coltraco Ltd



Coltraco is transformational in the areas of fire safety and watertightness, notably monitoring liquefied and non-liquefied gaseous extinguishing systems, and water-/air-tight integrity. Coltraco delivers Safesite & Safeship technologies at critical infrastructure on land & at sea.  Our world-leading brands include Poratlevel MAX, Portascanner Watertight & Permalevel Multiplex.


The technological basis is in ultrasonics. Coltraco designs, manufactures and supports a world leading range of safety instrumentation and constant monitoring systems. Their expertise developed from their flagship invention (the Portalevel® liquid level indicator), to 23 products and 8 constant monitoring systems today. Enabling customers to be compliance with regulations and go above and beyond for best practice.

  1. The monitoring of clean agent extinguishing systems by portable and constant contents monitoring of liquefied clean agent systems. We have a vision to deliver constant monitoring of non-liquefied clean agent extinguishing systems. Both are coupled to a wider commitment to generate capability to deliver business continuity to critical infrastructure via these and a diverse array of products that deal with the associated pipework, rotating machinery and compartment room integrity.
  2. The monitoring of watertight integrity hatch-covers, & watertight compartment doors and multiple cable transit areas. We have a vision to deliver semi-fixed monitoring systems and constant monitoring systems to allow the ships’ shore-based operators to understand how those watertight seals are affected under different sea, weather and load states from a cloud-based software worldwide.


Coltraco’s foundation is integrity, valuing its people and thinking about how best to serve its customers. Commitment to innovation through science shines through the extensive Research & Development programmes. The range is founded upon the ideals of producing scientifically accurate, ergonomic, high quality, reliable, advanced technology which is easy to use. Always placing mathematics at the core of what we do.